Letter to Col. Lang

To: Col. Lang
Fr: SSG Chalmers
Re: Documents
Date: Jun 17th, 1 AO

I was hoping to keep this off the record for the time being. That being said, during our last pickup run in Sector C (California Coastline), our platoon walked right into an ambush. As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, we lost a lot of men but we also found something that we think will be of great importance to the ongoing epidemic.

After clearing the wait zone where we grounded the watercraft we did the usual decontamination of the area and body burning and so on. No survivors this time around… but we found one body of particular interest. The guy was a mess. Like most, he was devoured so finding a cause of death was near impossible. His left arm was severed at the elbow and the forearm was partially eaten but the hand clutched a book unlike anything we’ve seen since the beginning.

We’re transcribing the handwritten text and will be sending them via this format to you as they are completed.

Sir, some of the things going on out there can only be described as horrific. This man has been through hell. I can’t believe he made it all the way here from the east, and the things he’s learned about the Zs along the way are crucial to our mission. I only fear that once the Zs are under control we’ll have a whole other fight on our hands.

-SSG Chalmers

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