Entry 6

Just saw a pack beside the road… not a herd by any means, just like six or seven of them. They were feeding heavily on a soldier. We slowed as we approached and they didn’t even look up.

This is interesting… makes me wonder why I don’t carry around some fresh meat at all times to drop behind me like feeding treats to an angry junkyard dog. Maybe it could take the heat off if we’re ever in a pinch. Oh yeah! Because finding fresh meat these days is impossible!

Another thing we saw for the first time as we passed them by was that the soldier finally reanimated and started to get to his feet. At that moment all the stinks backed off. He got up and it was only then that they turned their attention to us in the plow and started their slow approach. Cutty gassed it and we kept on rolling.

I’m pretty sure we just witnessed a herd in the making.

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