Entry 1

It’s funny, man… the dead congregated in all the places they frequented when they were breathing. Malls, schools, housing complexes. Yet here I am in a local book shop and it’s empty. We have completely shit the bed as a society. So, as I sit here writing in this little journal I found, drinking this cold, stale coffee, I can only hope someone will read this one day. Hell, maybe it’ll become a classic little installment of our human history. But I doubt it. I just feel compelled to spill my guts on paper because it’s easier than talking to the straggling heaps of shit mankind seems to have become. The paper doesn’t have an agenda. The paper isn’t full of lies and deceit. The paper doesn’t want anything from me except to be written on. And so, I will write.

I suppose I’ll start with my name. The name my parents gave me is Odessa Baxter, though I’ve taken to Dext… seems no one has a last name anymore. Unlike a lot of folks, I actually enjoyed my parents’ company so the names have sort of melded together. Would be a shame to lose my “heritage” in a time when so little of life before this mess is kept sacred.

Up until now, I’ve been moving like most of the ones left. Constantly looking for a way out… safety, comfort. Groups stumble upon one another and run together following the last decent trail or rumor they had heard about. I started in Baltimore, like most others I’ve met so far. I tend to keep heading west. I keep hearing that the entire eastern seaboard is being abandoned and I’ve seen nothing so far to make me believe otherwise.

 I generally sleep up high… rooftops, trees, on top of railcars and shit like that. I did meet this one dude along the highway and he clued me in on a good tactic as well. Seems he made it through many a night in the sleeper cabs of abandoned big-rigs. Jon… Jon Campbell was his name. He was a cool guy too. Stood out in my mind because of two reasons. One: He gave me his full name and Two: He was the last “good guy” I can remember. It’s a damn shame he snuck off when he did too because we made a decent team. I guess he had his own agenda like we all do. Regardless, I hope he’s ok… I actually miss him.

From here, I’m gonna keep moving west. I’d like to get to some rural areas where the geeks are spread out a bit more. It’s still pretty thick here and I hate running. Run, Shoot, Run, Rest, Run… seems like it’s all I do anymore. Hell, it’s all EVERYONE does anymore. We’re all runners.

Ugh… this coffee is making me all babbly and shit. I better head out and find a place to set up camp before I lose light.

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