What is Diary of a Runner?!

Diary of a Runner is not about a hero. It is not a romance story where everyone lives happily ever after. It is an ongoing tale of survival horror. It is more than just blood and guts and zombies. It seeks to challenge your own moral compass and ask difficult questions while using the apocalyptic scenario as a backdrop. The material and language are often raw and graphic. Be advised.

Run Dext Run is the first series of novels, five volumes in total. Run Lilly Run is the sequel which will be posted bi-weekly starting the week of December 15th 2013.





Diary of a Runner is now a subscription based site. What does that mean? A guest or a registered Free User can feel free to read Volume One of Run Dext Run in its entirety and peruse the Art Gallery and such indefinitely. However, if you would like access to the other Volumes, the Bonus Content, and the all new Run Lilly Run series you will need to subscribe.

Subscriptions are available for the low price of a mere $2.00 per month OR you can just skip all the trouble and get Lifetime access to everything we have to offer for $20.00. That’s not bad when you consider you’re getting the five books in the Run Dext Series, the bonus content, AND full access to everything we release with Run Lilly Run, not to mention any future projects.



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Official Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/rundextrun


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