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11-04-14: Busy Week Ahead!

Chapter Twenty One releases today and I’m likely to have a new entry to the Survival Guide up before the week is out as well.

We still need Amazon reviews on the regular, so if you have read the published books in the Dext of the Dead series please take a moment and let the world know what you think!


10-23-14: Releases this week!

Brand new Book Six chapter dropped today and the Survival Guide gets going again tomorrow. Have a great weekend, everyone!


10-14-14: New Material!

Part Two of the Buggin’ Out section has posted. Follow along as we approach an apocalyptic scenario from day one. This guide will give you the knowledge and the tools to survive when it all goes down. Later this week, new Book Six chapter drops, too! Prepare your anus!


10-2-14: Dext of the Dead Survival Guide Launches!

Real information presented in an entertaining way, the DotD Survival Guide will cover a wide range of survival topics from outdoor living, weaponry, trapping, tracking, and so on. It’s geared toward a zombie apocalypse scenario, but these tactics will work like a charm in any emergency situation. The info is well researched, practiced, and realistic. Check out the link in the top bar: Survival Guide


9-30-14: New Stuff For Your Peepers To Peep!

Chapter Eighteen – We All Fall Down is now posted and the twists just keep on coming! The saga of Run Lilly Run continues.

100 Days of Dumb Shit will post later on this week and we’ll be starting our new feature: The DotD Survival Guide!!!


9-15-14: Kindle Giveaway Result and Other Stuff and Thaaangs!

Congrats to Nash McGowan, a long time reader of ours, for his win in the Bloodcurdling Blowout 2014 Giveaway! Nash was the Grand Prize Winner and walks away with a brand new Kindle Fire! He also got introduced as a character in Run Lilly Run this past week, so he’s on a helluva roll!

Chapter Sixteen – Welcoming Committee is now live for those following along with Run Lilly Run

100 Days of Dumb Shit, Day Nine is now live in the Fun Stuff section.


8-26-14: Site Updates!

I’ve cleaned up the Fun Stuff section of the page and added a whole bunch of new things to look at. Now there’s everything from interviews and thought pieces to projects that failed and pissed me off. There’s even some behind the curtain stuff! To the Dext of the Dead section, I’ve added book reviews from Amazon, etc. Or, alternately, you can just choose the new Book Review section. Please, please, please… If you’ve read the series, please take the time to review it on Amazon. Those reviews really help spread the word. Thanks, everyone! Enjoy!


8-14-2014: Homegrown RDR Video!



7-23-2014: Friends, mentions, and a really sweet promo!

My editor, Weston Kincade, has posted a really nice blog that pulls the curtain back slightly on some of the things we as writers have to be aware of and successful at to stand out. Dext of the Dead gets a nice mention in it. Check it out here: Weston’s Blog

Dext of the Dead is going to be featured in Under the Bed Magazine’s September issue. Here’s a sneak peek of the promo and I’ll announce again as we get closer to its release along with links on how and where to get your copy!





Dext of the Dead (formerly Run Dext Run) is now being published by Books of the Dead Press!

The five book series is available currently in ebook format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Links below!

Book I: We Are The Plague


Book II: We Are The Infected


Book III: We Are The Entombed


Book IV: We Are The Extinction


Book V: We Are The End



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