Entry 2

I’ve only been out of the city limits for about a week now and I’m tired… more tired than I’ve ever been. Hungry as well. We were all so spoiled living in our own little bubble of work, bills, kids, whatever. None of us really knew how difficult life can really be. It’s interesting how fast priorities can switch in a moment’s notice.

I was sitting at work in my own little cube… acting like I was working as a I perused the internet. I had been following the story of another flu outbreak not because I cared, mind you, but because it was funny to me after Ebola, Hanta, SARS, H1N1 and so on how the media played it all up. That is, until I saw the piece about how the people who were sick go apeshit and start biting people. I chuckled to myself and thought about how I’d kick the shit out of anyone who tried to bite me. Man, were we fucking stupid? When the shit truly hit the fan, it came on QUICK! Sad thing about that was the fact that so many people were just like me… at work, school, or whatever.

When it became a true emergency situation, everyone just bounced out of wherever they were in an effort to get home. Roads were jammed, shoulders were jammed… people couldn’t really GO anywhere. And the first thing we all did was call home.

Networks flooded and crashed and then the panic set in. Imagine that. Thirty miles from home and your family… your kids… and you can’t even call to work out HOW you’re gonna meet up and shit. That, in my mind, was the real catalyst for the mega spread… the second wave, as they called it.

Wrecks and fights broke out on the highways and some didn’t survive… then they turned… and bit… then THEY turned and bit. See, when someone is hurt or dying, the first responders (EMT’s, good samaritans, etc.) go straight to CPR… mouth to mouth and such. No wonder half of the first hundred we saw had their lips and shit bitten off.

And just inside that little tree line on the sides of the roads were these loooong fences. Maybe for deer, maybe for safety, who knows. But in the end it was nothing more than a corral… full of the cattle that is mankind… and ripe for the taking.

SHIT… I hate that sound. I know I’m safe for the night here. But sleeping, once again, will be a bitch. They never stop with the incessant moaning and gurgling. And the newly turned… well, those are the worst. They’re louder and much quicker on their feet. People who said they can’t run are full of it. I saw a neo in nearly a full jog once or twice. It was clumsy, yeah, but still… they don’t get winded. We do. And, after years behind a desk, it takes some time for us average folks to get our lungs back, if you know what I mean.

Ah well. I’m tired enough that I’ll fall out eventually.

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